Photo : Rich Mavoko and Lulu Diva reveals their relationships publicly

Bongo Artist from the most famous label known as Wasafi Classic Baby (WCB), Rich Mavoko has found himself unable to restrain his love with his colleague of Bongo fleva Lulu diva.

Rich Mavoko and Lulu Diva have repeatedly rejected information about having a romantic relationship though these information has not been far from them.

The news of these artists having relationships has begun to be heard since last year although each of them has been neglecting these suspicions and claims they have no proximity but they are people in the same industry.

On Sunday, the whole WCB team was officially introducing the new artist who signed under WCB called Maromboso or Mbosso. One of the most interesting events in that party was the proximity between Lulu diva and Mavoko.

The two seemed to be sitting close (zero distance) and few times they were laying hands as a sign of embrace and at the same time being in the deep conversation.

Last week the news spread that Lulu diva was left behind by her sponsor who put her in town because of her relationship with Rich Mavoko but always both of them refused and Lulu diva claims that has boyfriend and they are planning to get married soon.

These are some of the pictures taken by Rich Tattoo and Lulu diva on the event.