We do not recognize Dogo Janja, he did not follow procedures: Uwoya's family.

While Dogo Janja and wife Uwoya continue enjoying their marriage life, it is reported that Irene Uwoya's mother, Neema Mrisho spoke and claims she doesn't like Dogo Janja because that artist has no manner at all.

One week ago while interviewed at clouds FM radio, Irene Uwaya claimed that she failed to take her husband to her parents due to frequently journey done by her mother.

Speaking to the Mwananchi Newspaper on Monday, Uwoya's mother said that even if Dogo Janja had decided to go for introduction, she would not welcome because Dogo Janja has no manner tha is why he married their child without even following the procedures.

However, Uwoya's mother said, the marriage should remain recognized by those Irene so-called her relatives who participated in her marriage.